0001226: [MySQL Module] Unicode data fails in Script (Martijn Tonies)
0001229: [MySQL Module] Fetching indices and referential constraints can take a long time - slow meta data query (Martijn Tonies)
0001237: [General] Creating catalog item from SQL Editor without catalog open, results in error when opening catalog (Martijn Tonies)
0001238: [General] SQL/Code Catalog: preview window doesn't scroll or allow copy (Martijn Tonies)
0001239: [Microsoft SQL Server Module] Connecting to a database with unicode characters in its name raises error (Martijn Tonies)
0001236: [General] Specific configuration issue caused access violation on database connect (Martijn Tonies)
0001230: [Data Import & Export] Firebird BLOB export to Script results in invalid script (Martijn Tonies)
0001232: [NexusDB Module] Error with predefined defaults and TIMESTAMP data type (Martijn Tonies)
0000824: [Data Import & Export] Support for Excel XML file during export (Martijn Tonies)
0001227: [Sybase SQL Anywhere Module] Last statement in Script not executed (Martijn Tonies)
0001088: [Oracle Module] Using Oracle 12 with a "direct" connection always returns username/password incorrect (Martijn Tonies)
0000146: [General] Make backing up, restoring databases, getting db statistics etc threaded so it doesn't block the application (Martijn Tonies)
0000537: [Firebird Module] Add support for Repair Switches for Malformed Strings when restoring pre-FB 2.5 backups to v2.5 DB (Martijn Tonies)
0001102: [InterBase Module] Meta data names are cut off when using UTF8 databases and the unicode client (Martijn Tonies)
0001104: [Printing] Additional file types in Schema printing to file: PDF/A, GIF, PNG, Word, Excel (Martijn Tonies)
0001105: [Printing] Schema Print Preview shows page thumbnails (Martijn Tonies)
0001106: [Printing] New Print Preview windows for schema, code editor and diagram printing (Martijn Tonies)
0001158: [Diagramming] Database options like default charset etc not taken from existing session after Reverse Engineer (Martijn Tonies)
0001159: [Diagramming] Diagramming for Firebird databases "Export to DDL" uses wrong version of database language, option dialog has no effect (Martijn Tonies)
0001162: [General] Duplicate Object has confusing default "checked" options (Martijn Tonies)
0001163: [General] Duplicate Object should ask less questions, make this easier to do (Martijn Tonies)
0001168: [Firebird Module] Too much recursion in PLAN parser. (Martijn Tonies)
0001171: [General] TODO list has lingering items not being able to be deleted after object drop. (Martijn Tonies)
0001174: [InterBase Module] Possible access violation in query plan window if parsing fails (Martijn Tonies)
0001180: [Data Pump & Compare] Loading a project with Oracle/SQL Anywhere/NexusDB server fails (Martijn Tonies)
0001181: [Data Pump & Compare] Result tab improvements (Martijn Tonies)
0000098: [Firebird Module] Server Connections screen does not display correct number of connections with large number of connections (Martijn Tonies)
0001103: [Firebird Module] Firebird 3: Show additional information for table & index statistics (Martijn Tonies)
0001182: [InterBase Module] Server Connections screen does not display correct number of connections with large number of connections (Martijn Tonies)
0000926: [Firebird Module] Error when adding two columns in the "Table editor" and reordering them (Martijn Tonies)
0001072: [General] Comment Selected Block in trigger actually highlights View (Martijn Tonies)
0001094: [General] Incorrect handling of errors when fetching remaining data after executing select with F9 (Martijn Tonies)
0001095: [General] select that produces errors during fetch leads to errors from the Grid (Martijn Tonies)
0001166: [General] Trigger Editor should do automatic syntax check before saving (like Procedure/Function/Package Editors do) (Martijn Tonies)
0001175: [General] message window: cannot scroll with mouse wheel (Martijn Tonies)
0001183: [MySQL Module] Function/Procedure Editor should do automatic syntax check for MySQL, currently inconsistent with other modules (Martijn Tonies)
0001184: [Oracle Module] Trigger Editor should do automatic syntax check for Oracle, currently inconsistent with other modules/editors (Martijn Tonies)
0001195: [Diagramming] While editing Region name or Note text and pressing "Delete", object is deleted
0001198: [General] InterBase and Firebird "max length" in Domain Editor default interferes with setting default value (Martijn Tonies)
0000953: [Data Import & Export] Exporting SQL result via UPDATE or DELETE statement. (Martijn Tonies)
0001092: [Diagramming] Firebird 3 "identity" column information not saved to diagram files (Martijn Tonies)
0001096: [Diagramming] Ability to show domain as data type instead of raw data type (Martijn Tonies)
0001188: [Data Import & Export] Add ability to export to CSV to Basic Edition (Martijn Tonies)
0001192: [Data Import & Export] With plain text export, optionally remove space between values (Martijn Tonies)
0001194: [General] Double clicking on tables does not update the tool bar disaply of open tables to active (Martijn Tonies)
0001196: [Diagramming] Ability to create physical database directly from Diagram Editor (Martijn Tonies)
0001197: [Diagramming] Misc small improvements (Martijn Tonies)
0001199: [Diagramming] Oracle table "modified DDL" in diagram raises access violation (Martijn Tonies)
0001200: [General] IB/Fb: automatic dialect change in DB registration after connecting fails saving (Martijn Tonies)
0001201: [Diagramming] Misc small issues (Martijn Tonies)
0001202: [General] Several memory leaks (Martijn Tonies)
0001204: [General] Find/replace dialog incosistencies (Martijn Tonies)
0001205: [General] Set focus on the newly registered/created database in Enterprise Manager (Martijn Tonies)
0001207: [Firebird Module] Accessing elements in Enterprise Manager/Server administration tries to connect to the server using wrong credentials (Martijn Tonies)
0001209: [Sybase SQL Anywhere Module] Images in plan analysis have undefined overlays (Martijn Tonies)
0001210: [InterBase Module] Server Log and Server Connections Monitor not using SYSDBA password, if available (Martijn Tonies)
0001211: [General] IB/Fb; Failure to analyze plan shouldn't interrupt work (Martijn Tonies)
0001212: [General] In specific situations, creating a FK from the Constraint Editor blocks the application (Martijn Tonies)
0001169: [General] Misc small issues (Martijn Tonies)
0001176: [Documentation] Documentation doesn't open on topics, but always on index (Martijn Tonies)
0001214: [Oracle Module] Ability to use XML and Object-based data types in columns (Martijn Tonies)
0001215: [Oracle Module] Oracle Table Editor doesn't list last object type under "Data type" (Martijn Tonies)
0001216: [Firebird Module] Firebird 3: Boolean data type support in data browsing (Martijn Tonies)
0001132: [Firebird Module] Duplicate Table raises assertion (Martijn Tonies)
0001213: [General] "Create SUID Procedures" should use naming template for routine parameters in all modules (Martijn Tonies)
0001222: [Oracle Module] Unicode issues when exporting data/running scripts (Martijn Tonies)
0000248: [Data Pump & Compare] Create a Data Compare tool (Martijn Tonies)
0001223: [Printing] Ability to print selection of objects to a file, like PDF (Martijn Tonies)
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