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0001168Database Workbench v5Firebird Modulepublic2015-05-11 12:25
ReporterSvein Erling Tysvær Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.8 
Fixed in Version5.1.0 
Summary0001168: Too much recursion in PLAN parser.
DescriptionWhen trying to prepare a statement that works flawlessly in DBW4, I get the error message "Too much recursion in PLAN parser. This is most likely caused by a bug in the parser, but it could conceivably be the result of a really complex PLAN. Try increasing the "Maximum parser recursion depth" setting on the "Advanced" tab of the Options dialog. If that does not fix the problem, it's probably a bug. In case, please file a bug report."

I've looked throughout DBW and searched the internet, but cannot find any Options dialog.
Steps To ReproduceTry preparing the statement below in a newly created SQL Editor (naturally, my real statement is rather different). If you use 38 and not 39 tuples things work.

select 1
from rdb$database r1
join rdb$database r2 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r2.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r3 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r3.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r4 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r4.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r5 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r5.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r6 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r6.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r7 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r7.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r8 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r8.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r9 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r9.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r10 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r10.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r11 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r11.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r12 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r12.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r13 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r13.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r14 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r14.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r15 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r15.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r16 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r16.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r17 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r17.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r18 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r18.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r19 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r19.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r20 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r20.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r21 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r21.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r22 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r22.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r23 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r23.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r24 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r24.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r25 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r25.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r26 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r26.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r27 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r27.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r28 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r28.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r29 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r29.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r30 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r30.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r31 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r31.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r32 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r32.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r33 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r33.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r34 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r34.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r35 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r35.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r36 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r36.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r37 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r37.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r38 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r38.rdb$relation_id
join rdb$database r39 on r1.rdb$relation_id = r39.rdb$relation_id
Additional InformationI found that if I comment out tuple 39, it does prepare and if I then "uncomment" again, prepare succeeds. Hence, this is only a minor niggle for me currently. However, doing this gives an access violation at rtl120 if I then try to resize the window showing the plan.
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