0001944: [Firebird Module] Database Connections activity monitor fails due to timestamp time zone issue (Martijn Tonies)
0002069: [PostgreSQL Module] Support for PostgreSQL 14 (Martijn Tonies)
0002070: [PostgreSQL Module] Support for PostgreSQL 15 (Martijn Tonies)
0002073: [General] Ability to use DBW on Terminal Server (Martijn Tonies)
0002074: [Firebird Module] Improved support for WITH TIME ZONE data types (Martijn Tonies)
0002097: [General] Also search 'defaults' in Database Search tool (Martijn Tonies)
0002099: [General] Copying a SQL result row to clipboard, while the data pointer is at EOF, results in Access Violation (Martijn Tonies)
0002121: [General] "Unhandled object type" for DBMSes that don't support Materialized Views when doing Refresh List on Triggers (Martijn Tonies)
0002100: [General] Possible local config server failure when there's another application using same port (Martijn Tonies)
0002101: [General] Ability to cancel ongoing database search (Martijn Tonies)
0002103: [PostgreSQL Module] Support for overloading stored functions (Martijn Tonies)
0002104: [General] 'Copy to clipboard' button on Messages debug window (Martijn Tonies)
0002105: [Data Import & Export] Increase line size limit for CSV import (Martijn Tonies)
0002106: [General] When doing "refresh list" on databases with many objects, going through the objects can be slow (Martijn Tonies)
0002107: [InterBase Module] "Interface not supported" error on opening Generator in Editor on older versions of InterBase (Martijn Tonies)
0002108: [Microsoft SQL Server Module] Creating Stored Procedure/Function/Type on non-dbo schema, creates object in dbo schema (Martijn Tonies)
0002109: [Oracle Module] Oracle trigger timing incorrectly fetched from meta data views (Martijn Tonies)
0002111: [PostgreSQL Module] Support for Stored Functions that return RECORD (Martijn Tonies)
0002119: [General] Using "refresh meta data from database" with open editors will result in access violations (Martijn Tonies)
0002120: [Data Import & Export] Export BLOBS to CSV as Base64 encoded data (Martijn Tonies)
0002122: [MySQL Module] Binary defaults not handled when fetching meta data in older versions of MySQL due to MySQL bug (Martijn Tonies)
0002124: [PostgreSQL Module] Possible access violations in Domain Editor with check constraints (Martijn Tonies)
0002127: [General] Dropdown object selector in Object Editors/etc now include more info and filter box (Martijn Tonies)
0002128: [General] SQL Pages error when loading multiple pages with existing database connection (Martijn Tonies)
0002130: [PostgreSQL Module] "List index out of bounds" error on switching to DDL/Modified tab in Enum Type Editor (Martijn Tonies)
0002131: [General] Fontsize for check constraints in Domain Editors is too large when using 100+% font size in Windows (Martijn Tonies)
0002132: [PostgreSQL Module] Existing domain check constraints include 1 CHECK too many in DDL (Martijn Tonies)
0002134: [PostgreSQL Module] Query error when fetching (table) dependencies on PostgreSQL 15 (Martijn Tonies)
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