0001079: [General] Object Type in PSQL Call Stack monitoring table is not decoded properly for (stored) functions in Firebird 3 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001080: [General] Firebird 3: MON$ table data for "Context Variables" is not fetched (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001081: [General] Firebird 3: MON$ table data for "Memory Usage" is not fetched (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001068: [General] Add support for additional Firebird 3 Beta 1 ODS 12.0 monitoring tables additions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001063: [General] Column header text overwrite previous column text (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001073: [General] First program startup for new installations may fail with an database error while upgrading metadata (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001074: [General] Make provided monitoring tables and grid columns aware of the connected database ODS (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001075: [General] Restore "Font size" setting for Raw trace data area upon trace session startup (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001076: [Analysis] Open Analysis cube may fail when executing for analysis entries with different SQL statements (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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