0001914: [General] Increase max trace events in Trial Edition (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001865: [General] Grid - Export to CSV - Remove carriage return (CR) to not break import in e.g. Excel (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001860: [Hotspots Analysis] Loaded visual column definition isn't applied to the underlaying grid correctly (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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0001714: [General] Database Statistics failing with recent Firebird 3.0 versions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001781: [General] Upgrade deployed Firebird embedded version to 2.5.9 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001821: [General] Improve Firebird client-library handling in per-database area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001822: [General] Support for "log_warnings" trace configuration parameter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001823: [General] Support for "log_initfini" trace configuration parameter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001824: [General] Failed initial connect to server and database not handled correctly / silently ignored (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001825: [General] Parsed database statistics not shown in grids in specific situations (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001826: [General] Experimental Firebird 4 Beta Support (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001827: [General] Trace data/parser: Full support for init/new transaction id information in RETAINING scenarios (Thomas Steinmaurer)
9 issues View Issues
0001308: [Hotspots Analysis] Add configurable and optional auto refresh in hotspots area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001359: [General] Registering a server or database with a long password fails (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001368: [General] Firebird 3 support for 64-bit STATEMENT_ID, ATTACHMENT_ID and TRANSACTION_ID (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001369: [General] Firebird 3 support for MON$SEC_DATABASE in monitoring table (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001372: [General] ERROR AT event type should set event state to 1 (failed) instead of 0 (success) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001373: [General] Update to Firebird Embedded V2.5.5 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001374: [Hotspots Analysis] Hotspots Analysis: Limit number of distinct textual info items to 500 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
7 issues View Issues
0001233: [General] Enhanced error diagnosis capabilities are disabled in release builds (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001234: [General] Improve automatic purge handling for raw and parsed rows (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001285: [General] Update deployed Firebird embedded to 2.5.4 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001297: [General] Add button in project wizard to optimize session options for high throughput (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001298: [General] Minor memory leaks in different areas (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001299: [General] Random AV when right-clicking grid footer in database monitoring (database statistics, monitoring tables) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
6 issues View Issues
0001079: [General] Object Type in PSQL Call Stack monitoring table is not decoded properly for (stored) functions in Firebird 3 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001080: [General] Firebird 3: MON$ table data for "Context Variables" is not fetched (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001081: [General] Firebird 3: MON$ table data for "Memory Usage" is not fetched (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001068: [General] Add support for additional Firebird 3 Beta 1 ODS 12.0 monitoring tables additions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001063: [General] Column header text overwrite previous column text (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001073: [General] First program startup for new installations may fail with an database error while upgrading metadata (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001074: [General] Make provided monitoring tables and grid columns aware of the connected database ODS (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001075: [General] Restore "Font size" setting for Raw trace data area upon trace session startup (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001076: [Analysis] Open Analysis cube may fail when executing for analysis entries with different SQL statements (Thomas Steinmaurer)
9 issues View Issues
0001038: [General] Enhance UI docking capabilities across the entire product (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001039: [General] Update deployed Firebird embedded to V2.5.3 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001040: [General] Support for Firebird 3 "explain_plan" trace configuration option (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001050: [General] Form layout in Trace UI is sometimes screwed up upon connecting to the server (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001051: [General] Allow per server Trace UI layout restoring regarding splitter positions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
5 issues View Issues
0000864: [General] Random AV when double-clicking in parsed trace data grid (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000865: [General] "Go To Raw Line" navigation in parsed trace data grid jumps to wrong raw line (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000870: [General] "About" menu item on the left in the main form (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000871: [Browse] Support for purging of stored data in "Browse" module (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000872: [General] Random AV when deleting a project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
5 issues View Issues
0000748: [Hotspots Analysis] Clearing rows in Hotspots Analysis doesn't clear underlaying in-memory aggregated data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000829: [General] Add package name in procedure hotspot aggregation key to support Firebird 3 packages (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000796: [General] Improve usability/visibility in case with general trace session problems (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000797: [Browse] Add data-aware RawOutput tab/memo in Browse/Parsed area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000798: [General] Selecting a system trace configuration template in Project Wizard should not overwrite the database name filter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000799: [General] Firebird 3 support in header page monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000800: [General] Firebird 3 support in monitoring tables integration (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000802: [General] Firebird 3 support in database statistics monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000809: [General] Add Move To First / Move To Last buttons in Visible Column Dialog (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000810: [General] Minor glitch in trace data parser parsing OPERATION for Database/DDL Triggers (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000811: [General] Minor glitch in trace data parser parsing Remote Protocol for Non-Remote e.g. Embedded connections (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000814: [Hotspots Analysis] Add trigger operation and event type into the trigger hotspot aggregation key to fully support Universal Triggers (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000815: [General] Update deployed Firebird Embedded version to 2.5.2 Update 1 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000816: [General] Performance improvements (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000818: [General] Configurable trace project-based option for maximum trace events per GUI refresh interval (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000819: [General] Enhanced statistics information for an active trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000823: [General] Firebird 3 package name support in parsed trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000830: [General] Add tracing support for Firebird 3 stored functions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000831: [General] Add Firebird 3 stored function support in procedure hotspot (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000832: [General] Race condition when committing while parsed trace data is persisted (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000833: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Stopping the FBTMLoggerSvc Windows Service could fail with an invalid pointer operation (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000835: [General] Allow more RAM being addressed although being a 32-bit application (Thomas Steinmaurer)
22 issues View Issues
0000600: [FBTMLoggerSvc] FBTMLoggerSvc3.exe currently expects a license called FBTMLoggerSvc2.lic, but it should FBTMLoggerSvc3.lic (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000740: [General] Expose and persist a "Has Garbage Collection" flag in parsed trace data based on the values in Detailed Statistics (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000741: [General] Expose and persist Garbage Collection total counters for Backout, Purge, Expunge in parsed trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000742: [General] Expose and persist a "Has Garbage Collection" flag in Record Statistics tab in Monitoring Tables integration (Thomas Steinmaurer)
4 issues View Issues
0000589: [General] Code Folding in raw output doesn't work (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000588: [General] Noticable performance degradation in raw output after a first purge cycle (Thomas Steinmaurer)
2 issues View Issues
0000489: [General] Upgrade included Firebird Embedded Engine to V2.5.2 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000491: [General] Charting in active trace session isn't purged like parsed trace data, thus prevents FBTM from running 24x7 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000495: [General] Random AV when closing an established database connection tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000496: [General] Random AV when closing an established server attachment tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000514: [General] Support for parsed Detailed Statistics in trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000515: [General] Minor memory leak in internal structures in the per-database monitoring area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000516: [General] Support for parsed sweep transaction counters in trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000517: [General] Visualize percentage columns in various data grids with an additional progress/percentage bar (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000524: [General] Database Statistics: Add percentage of table and index size related to database size (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000525: [General] Add ability to view parsed trace column data in a separate modal dialog (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000527: [General] Support for parsed Bind Variables in trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000540: [General] Add On-The-Fly "Statement Hotspot" view per active trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000541: [General] Re-arrange Registered Projects and Trace Session List areas to the upper client area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000542: [General] Database Statistics: Make index statistic detection dependent on a configurable number of nodes (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000543: [General] Add SEVERITY information/column in Header Page and Database Statistics Monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000544: [General] Database Statistics: Make table statistic detection dependent on a configurable number of records (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000545: [General] Apply index statistics problem detection on live index metadata columns doesn't make sense when loading from file (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000547: [General] AV when loading header page gstat output only from file in Database Statistics (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000548: [General] Database Statistics: Minor glitch that Index Management is enabled where it shouldn't (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000563: [General] Improve parser throughput (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000566: [General] Random AV and/or lockups when closing a trace session tab while it's in the middle of processing trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000567: [General] Improve visualization throughput (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000568: [General] "Paused" / "Dismissed when paused" option per visualization is now a global setting per trace tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000569: [General] Add "Skipped Events" in Statistics tab of a trace session tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000571: [General] Custom Trace Configuration Template storage (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000572: [General] Disabled Trace Vizualisation mode, which results in a very light-weight trace processing with Hotspots data only (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000573: [General] Remove Chart Trace Visualization as it doesn't provide any additional value (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000585: [General] Support for Firebird Embedded as Traceable Server (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000586: [General] AV when Firebird server can't start a trace session due to missing trace plugins (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000587: [General] Random AV when duplicating a project with a server as target with no registered databases (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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0000475: [Event Processing] Newly added/duplicated event rule nodes haven't been inserted at the expected location (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000482: [General] Parsing issue in SWEEP trace events (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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0000456: [General] Description in Project Wizard (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000457: [General] Description in Server Wizard (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000458: [General] Description in Server Database Wizard (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000453: [General] Add raw output fragment in parsed trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000454: [General] Add calculated attribute "Cache Hit Ratio [%]" in parsed trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000455: [General] Millisecond part of trace event timestamp isn't persisted in FBTM database (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000459: [General] Persist description per trace session with project description as default (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000460: [General] New "Prompt Description" trace project configuration option to temporarily define a different trace session description (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000461: [General] Check boxes in project list grid are clickable where they shouldn't (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000462: [Event Processing] Support for server-based event rules, which fire for each project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000463: [General] Millisecond part of trace event timestamp isn't displayed in parsed trace data grid (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000465: [General] Confirmation dialog to create a new trace project upon attaching to a server with no registered trace project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000466: [General] Explicitly disallow Trace API attachments to Firebird 2.5.1, due to Firebird tracker CORE-3636 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000467: [General] Treat non-existing parsed trace data measures as an empty instead of 0 (e.g. execution time) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000468: [General] Dismiss empty values in trace data grid from being evaluated when calculating a grid footer aggregate function (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000469: [General] Changed "Trace" and "Audit" as trace type to "User Trace" and "System Audit" in trace session list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
16 issues View Issues
0000394: [General] Support for new Firebird 2.5.2 "log_sweep" trace configuration parameter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000395: [General] Support for new Firebird 2.5.2 SWEEP_* trace events (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000396: [General] -1 is stored for RemoteProcessId, if remote process information is not available (Thomas Steinmaurer)
3 issues View Issues
0000354: [General] Support for new "log_errors" trace configuration parameter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000365: [General] Support for new ERROR AT, WARNING AT trace events (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000370: [General] Trace data parser issue when the term "Statement" is part of the remote process name (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000371: [General] AV when Firebird server returns "Error creating trace session" in case of not being able to start a trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
4 issues View Issues
0000303: [General] Support for Firebird 3 trace configuration format (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000304: [General] Support for specifying the Firebird client library at different levels (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000309: [General] Double-quotes in exported CSV isn't escaped properly. (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000316: [General] Docking capabilities ala Visual Studio across the product (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000317: [General] Random AVs, freezes (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000322: [General] Regression causing the trace raw memo output flickering/repainting a lot (Thomas Steinmaurer)
6 issues View Issues
0000268: [General] Integration of more gstat like output, e.g. data pages, index pages, record versions ... (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000269: [General] Support for ODS 11.1 monitoring tables (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000270: [General] When registering a new server database, pre-set username/password from the server entry (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000271: [General] Support for database size (KB, MB, GB) in "Database" monitoring tables tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000272: [General] Ability to fetch the database default character set when registering a database (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000275: [General] Improve performance when closing areas where grid states are persisted (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000276: [General] Export To CSV: Support in trace data grid and all data grids in per-database monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000277: [General] Load database header page from file including processing (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000278: [General] Improve performance when filling monitoring table grids (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000279: [General] Pre-select useful trace configuration when creating a new trace project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000280: [General] Minor problem in context-sensitive filtering in monitoring table grids (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000281: [General] Duplicating a server/database entry while it's in connected state, results in unusable new server/database nodes (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000282: [General] Appending "- Copy" for server host and database name when duplicating doesn't make sense (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000283: [General] Rework/add context-menus in Database Monitoring area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000284: [General] One-Click functionality to locate OAT from the header page output in the transaction monitoring table (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000290: [General] In Monitoring Statements: TransactionID = 0 and Timestamp = 30.12.1899 for empty entries (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000291: [General] Allow re-arranging grid column positions in the grid configuration dialog (Thomas Steinmaurer)
17 issues View Issues
0000229: [General] VIEWs to allow querying logon/logoff statistics more easily (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000230: [General] Allow to specify a trace column definition file in the trace project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000232: [General] More appealing way to manage trace session options for an active trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000234: [General] Refreshing the registered server area (e.g. when editing a server entry) will loose the connected state of servers (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000235: [General] Per database monitoring capabilities (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000253: [General] Persist flyout toolbar panel states (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000255: [General] Attempt to make FB TraceManager more Firebird 2.5.1 friendly, due to CORE-3636 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000256: [General] FBTM database metadata update might fail, when there are others connections active (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000259: [General] Exception "A component named tsStartedProject<N> ..." when starting a trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000260: [General] Increase page buffers value of FBTM database to 1024 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
10 issues View Issues
0000200: [General] "Access violation at address 00000000. Write of address 00000000." in random situations (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000201: [FBTMLoggerSvc] FBTMLoggerSvc: Parsed trace event is always one event behind (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000202: [General] Purge strategy for raw and parsed trace data to allow 24x7 operation (Thomas Steinmaurer)
3 issues View Issues
0000194: [General] Main window state is always maximized, thus ignores the previously used position and size (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000195: [General] Support for EXECUTE_BLR trace event (Thomas Steinmaurer)
2 issues View Issues
0000187: [General] Parser: Number of reads/writes etc ... in ROLLBACK_RETAINING not processed (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000188: [General] "Number of records fetched" is stored as -1 when it should be 0 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000189: [General] Another potential AV upon stopping a busy trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000190: [General] Trace data storage transacion isn't committed when stopping a trace session via the trace session list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000185: [General] Parser: Execution time in EXECUTE_PROCEDURE_FINISHED processed wrongly (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000186: [General] Parser: Number of reads/writes etc ... in COMMIT_RETAINING not processed (Thomas Steinmaurer)
6 issues View Issues
0000182: [General] Problem in parser handling parameters and detailed statistics for EXECUTE_PROCEDURE_FINISH (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000183: [General] Problem in parser handling parameters and detailed statistics for EXECUTE_STATEMENT_FINISH (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000184: [General] Problem in parser handling number of reads/writes etc. for EXECUTE_PROCEDURE_FINISH (Thomas Steinmaurer)
3 issues View Issues
0000181: [General] Memory usage steadily increases even without visualization enabled (Thomas Steinmaurer)
1 issue View Issues
0000175: [Event Processing] New event rule type "OnExecuteApplication" for executing an application (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000176: [Event Processing] New event rule type "OnPlaySound" for playing a (system) sound (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000177: [General] Possible crash in the Trial Edition after exceeding the max. number of allowed parsed trace events. (Thomas Steinmaurer)
3 issues View Issues
0000155: [General] Project-based "re-sort" option for re-sorting newly added parsed rows automatically (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000156: [General] Allow to set footer band column value as column regex filter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000157: [General] Regex filter in parsed grid fails for input values containing regex filter escape characters (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000158: [General] Another race condition when post-processing certain event types leads to trace session abort (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000159: [General] In Project Wizard: Trace configuration isn't stored when clicking on Finish without visiting the last wizard page (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000161: [Analysis] In Analysis Wizard: "Finish" button isn't enabled after entering a SQL statement (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000162: [General] Crash when closing the application while running trace sessions are busy (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000163: [General] Occasional "List index out of bounds (-1)" error message with busy trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000164: [General] Post-processing trace events produces garbage while receiving trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000165: [General] "List index out of bounds (-1)" error message when working with a selected project, trace session after refreshing the list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000166: [General] Double-clicking the module (Browse, Reports, ...) menu items instead of a single-click leads to an exception (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000167: [General] In query result set (used in Browse, Reporting, Analysis): Show real CLOB/Memo field content instead of WIDEMEMO (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000168: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Stored session name is not the logger service session name (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000169: [General] Improved application responsitivity with busy trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000170: [General] Replaced memory manager which results in overall slightly improved performance (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000173: [General] Project-based "Dismiss when paused" option to remove received trace events from the queue when visualization is paused (Thomas Steinmaurer)
16 issues View Issues
0000153: [General] Crash when stopping a busy trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000147: [General] In case of an application error, the application crashes instead of showing a detailed exception dialog (stack trace) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000148: [General] The exception stack trace file (.elf) isn't placed in the user's application data directory (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000149: [General] Memory leak per received trace event (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000150: [General] Rare access violations with certain processed trace event types (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000151: [General] Minor memory leaks caused by the Reporting, Analysis and Event Processing module (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000152: [General] Number of allocated threads doesn't decrease when stopping a trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
7 issues View Issues
0000105: [General] Improve the multi-threading capabilities (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000106: [General] The parsed grid output is always one trace event behind the raw output (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000107: [General] Minimize to tray option (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000108: [General] Ability to duplicate a server entry (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000109: [General] Support for regular expression filters in trace session list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000110: [General] Support for regular expression filters in project list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000111: [General] Improve visual appearance of raw output (e.g. syntax highlighting, highlight the start of a trace event) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000112: [General] Option for the GUI refresh interval at project / trace session level (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000113: [General] Rare race condition when running multiple trace sessions simultaneously (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000114: [General] Option in Server Wizard to auto-connect upon program start (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000116: [General] Support for all parsed grid columns to copy content to clipboard (context-menu) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000117: [General] Rare occasion where a newly added parsed grid row got a white text color (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000118: [General] Append "- Copy" text in certain fields in various wizards when duplicating an entity (project, report, analysis ...) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000119: [Reports] Add context menue in report manager treeview (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000120: [Analysis] Add context menue in analysis manager treeview (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000121: [General] Potential problem when detecting the Firebird version upon server connect (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000122: [General] Problem with parser for an unauthorized attach database event (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000123: [General] Footer band in parsed data grid with column-based aggregate functions on numeric columns (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000125: [General] Locate line in raw data output for a given parsed trace event (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000126: [General] Temporary queue received trace data/events in case of paused visualization and process upon resume (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000127: [General] "Cancel" button in transaction active confirmation dialog when closing a trace session tab to cancel closing the tab (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000128: [General] Rare race condition when pausing visualization while trace data is received/processed (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000129: [General] Locate trace event in parsed data grid for a given raw output line (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000131: [Event Processing] AV when deleting an event rule which is currently in edit mode (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000132: [General] GUI improvement: Replace splitter with flyout tool panels were applicable (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000134: [General] Parser has problems when post-processing certain event types (e.g. COMPILE_BLR) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000135: [General] Add units ([ms], [pages]) in parsed grid column header caption for certain columns (e.g. Execution time ...) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000139: [General] Setting a filter in parsed trace data grid from column values in the selected row (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000140: [General] Show image/icon in header of parsed trace data grid in case of a filtered column (Thomas Steinmaurer)
29 issues View Issues
0000029: [General] Make trace-session based options (log to database, commit interval ...) available per project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000032: [General] Project-based regex filter defaults (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000033: [General] FBTM database metadata update sometimes fails (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000034: [General] Option to jump to the Browse module for a particular selected project in the project list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000035: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Windows Service based logger application (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000036: [General] Administration of Windows service based logger (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000039: [General] Memory leak in trace data parser (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000040: [General] Optimize memory usage in trace data parser (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000050: [General] Minor memory leaks (Thomas Steinmaurer)
9 issues View Issues
0000018: [General] Clear entire regex filter in parsed trace data grid without going into each cell (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000020: [General] Allow regex filter for # column of the parsed trace data grid (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000014: [General] Rare AV when closing FB TraceManager with active trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000015: [General] Option to automatically start trace sessions upon server connect (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000016: [General] Multi-select in project grid to enable start/delete of multiple projects (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000017: [General] Multi-select in trace session list to resume/suspend/stop multiple trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000019: [General] Confirmation dialog to commit active log database transaction in case of closing the trace session tab sheet (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000026: [General] Show "Finish" button in project wizard in all wizard pages (Thomas Steinmaurer)
8 issues View Issues