0000748: [Hotspots Analysis] Clearing rows in Hotspots Analysis doesn't clear underlaying in-memory aggregated data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000829: [General] Add package name in procedure hotspot aggregation key to support Firebird 3 packages (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000796: [General] Improve usability/visibility in case with general trace session problems (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000797: [Browse] Add data-aware RawOutput tab/memo in Browse/Parsed area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000798: [General] Selecting a system trace configuration template in Project Wizard should not overwrite the database name filter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000799: [General] Firebird 3 support in header page monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000800: [General] Firebird 3 support in monitoring tables integration (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000802: [General] Firebird 3 support in database statistics monitoring (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000809: [General] Add Move To First / Move To Last buttons in Visible Column Dialog (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000810: [General] Minor glitch in trace data parser parsing OPERATION for Database/DDL Triggers (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000811: [General] Minor glitch in trace data parser parsing Remote Protocol for Non-Remote e.g. Embedded connections (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000814: [Hotspots Analysis] Add trigger operation and event type into the trigger hotspot aggregation key to fully support Universal Triggers (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000815: [General] Update deployed Firebird Embedded version to 2.5.2 Update 1 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000816: [General] Performance improvements (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000818: [General] Configurable trace project-based option for maximum trace events per GUI refresh interval (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000819: [General] Enhanced statistics information for an active trace session (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000823: [General] Firebird 3 package name support in parsed trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000830: [General] Add tracing support for Firebird 3 stored functions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000831: [General] Add Firebird 3 stored function support in procedure hotspot (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000832: [General] Race condition when committing while parsed trace data is persisted (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000833: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Stopping the FBTMLoggerSvc Windows Service could fail with an invalid pointer operation (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000835: [General] Allow more RAM being addressed although being a 32-bit application (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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