0000155: [General] Project-based "re-sort" option for re-sorting newly added parsed rows automatically (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000156: [General] Allow to set footer band column value as column regex filter (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000157: [General] Regex filter in parsed grid fails for input values containing regex filter escape characters (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000158: [General] Another race condition when post-processing certain event types leads to trace session abort (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000159: [General] In Project Wizard: Trace configuration isn't stored when clicking on Finish without visiting the last wizard page (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000161: [Analysis] In Analysis Wizard: "Finish" button isn't enabled after entering a SQL statement (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000162: [General] Crash when closing the application while running trace sessions are busy (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000163: [General] Occasional "List index out of bounds (-1)" error message with busy trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000164: [General] Post-processing trace events produces garbage while receiving trace data (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000165: [General] "List index out of bounds (-1)" error message when working with a selected project, trace session after refreshing the list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000166: [General] Double-clicking the module (Browse, Reports, ...) menu items instead of a single-click leads to an exception (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000167: [General] In query result set (used in Browse, Reporting, Analysis): Show real CLOB/Memo field content instead of WIDEMEMO (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000168: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Stored session name is not the logger service session name (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000169: [General] Improved application responsitivity with busy trace sessions (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000170: [General] Replaced memory manager which results in overall slightly improved performance (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000173: [General] Project-based "Dismiss when paused" option to remove received trace events from the queue when visualization is paused (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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