0001308: [Hotspots Analysis] Add configurable and optional auto refresh in hotspots area (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001359: [General] Registering a server or database with a long password fails (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001368: [General] Firebird 3 support for 64-bit STATEMENT_ID, ATTACHMENT_ID and TRANSACTION_ID (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001369: [General] Firebird 3 support for MON$SEC_DATABASE in monitoring table (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001372: [General] ERROR AT event type should set event state to 1 (failed) instead of 0 (success) (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001373: [General] Update to Firebird Embedded V2.5.5 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0001374: [Hotspots Analysis] Hotspots Analysis: Limit number of distinct textual info items to 500 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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