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0000433Database Workbench v6SQL & Parameter Insightpublic2022-01-12 13:14
ReporterDoychin Bondzhev Assigned To 
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Summary0000433: MySQL does not support this syntax join (subquery) as sq(f1, f2...) on sq.f1 = some_filed
DescriptionThis query works for mysql but does not allow sql insight to see fields from tt2:
select * from t1 join (select f1, f2 from t2) tt2 on t1.f1 = tt2.f2

Now this query works for sql insight but fails on mysql:
select * from t1 join (select f1, f2 from t2) tt2(f1, f2) on t1.f1 = tt2.f2

This format is supported from firebird so there are no problems with such queries.
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