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0000004Database Workbench v6Firebird Modulepublic2022-01-12 13:19
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Summary0000004: Ability to alter a domain when it used in a constraint/column
DescriptionDatabase Workbench/Firebird does not have the ability to modify domains if it is used in a constraint. You cannot switch the underlying datatype nor change the length of the datatype. This defeats the whole purpose of using a domain.

In a production system, this would mean dropping all the constraints, modifying a new domain, and manually creating all the constraints which is very tedious.

No other database tool vendor for Firebird provides this feature (which is a very requested feature) and if Database Workbench implements this feature, it would be great.

CREATE DOMAIN test_domain VARCHAR(25);
CREATE TABLE test_table
   test_column test_domain NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY

ALTER DOMAIN test_domain VARCHAR(26); <-- Firebird throws error that the update was not successful because the domain is used in a constraint (primary key)
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2011-04-28 15:58

reporter   ~0000001

Basically, instead of manually dropping the constraints, modifying the domain etc.....Database Workbench should automate the process.

Martijn Tonies

2011-11-02 10:54

administrator   ~0000034

Non-domained columns in tables also suffer from this issue.

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