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0002240Database Workbench v6Firebird Modulepublic2024-06-04 11:34
ReporterSvein Erling Tysvær Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version6.5.0 
Summary0002240: Long queries in the SQL Editor creates access violation upon prepare
DescriptionIf I try to prepare a query with many lines in the SQL Editor Window I get "Access violation in module dbw6o_fb.bpl"
Steps To ReproduceRun

execute block returns (lijn varchar( 50 ) ) as
declare variable i integer;
  i = 1;
  lijn = 'select ''Hallo Martijn'' from rdb$database
union ';
  while ( i < 100 ) do
    i = i + 1;
  lijn = 'select ''dat is genoeg'' from rdb$database';

export the result as comma separated file to clipboard without including header and with [none] as Text Delimiter, paste into another SQL Editor Window and try to prepare.
Additional InformationThe reason I discovered this was because I tried to do a tiny modification to a stored procedure and got a strange warning about the stored procedure containing an error (you may want to check the stored procedure editor as well, I chose to exit without saving). Changing to execute block worked on DBW 5.7.6, but not 6.5.0. Trying to make a reproducible case for you revealed it was the length of the query.
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Svein Erling Tysvær

2024-06-04 11:34

reporter   ~0000608

The error actually only happens when preparing the query, no error is reported when trying to run it

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