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0001646Database Workbench v5MySQL Modulepublic2018-10-22 13:07
ReporterStephen Lappin Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.4.4 
Fixed in Version5.4.6 
Summary0001646: Support MySQL utf8mb4 character set in diagrams
DescriptionMySQL/MariaDB’s “utf8” isn’t UTF-8.

The “utf8” encoding only supports three bytes per character. The real UTF-8 encoding needs up to four bytes per character.

MySQL developers never fixed this bug. They released a workaround in 2010: a new character set called “utf8mb4”.
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Martijn Tonies

2018-10-09 17:50

administrator   ~0000486

'utf8mb4' is listed when creating a database and in the 'Charset' drop down box in, eg, the Table Editor.

not sure what you're expecting in addition to that?

Stephen Lappin

2018-10-10 09:54

reporter   ~0000487

It is not listed inteh default characterset drop-down in Model Option in Physical Data Model diagram. Nor in Table properties.

Martijn Tonies

2018-10-10 10:09

administrator   ~0000488

Ah, right, the non-connected version. I've added that charset for MySQL 5.5 and up.

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