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0001206Database Workbench v5Generalpublic2015-10-09 12:03
ReporterMichał Ziemski Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version5.0.10 
Fixed in Version5.1.6 
Summary0001206: Search/filter in the enterprise manager
DescriptionThere should be an option to filter elements in the Enterprise manager.
Right now it's rather hard to find the DB you're looking for, especially if
there are many servers/DBs (5 servers/250 DBs in our case).
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Martijn Tonies

2015-04-08 10:03

administrator   ~0000373

Do note that you create folders to arrange items.

Martijn Tonies

2015-09-23 12:33

administrator   ~0000386

Michał, question for you --

Depending on the database system, the list of databases are either registered or fetched from the server. That last operation can take quite a few seconds (per server) and even fail (test servers not running, no access to remote servers via disconnected VPN and so on -- this will result in a time out, but can take quite a lot of time).

Do you want to filter "all databases on all servers" or do you expect a "filter database list for selected server"?

Michał Ziemski

2015-09-28 09:23

reporter   ~0000387

It would be best to find dbs on all the servers.
This function could apply to registered databases only.

Martijn Tonies

2015-09-28 16:15

administrator   ~0000389

Current implementation: filter on database list, when list is fetched.

Martijn Tonies

2015-10-05 10:25

administrator   ~0000390

And incremental search, select "Databases" folder and enter text.

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