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0001161Database Workbench v5Generalpublic2017-04-18 13:25
ReporterWolfgang Rohdewald Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformFirebird 2.5, I86 32, VirtualboxOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7 Pro
Product Version5.0.8 
Fixed in Version5.3.0 
Summary0001161: Cancel on SQL Editor when closing a SP debugging window closes debugger anyway
DescriptionThis issue actually holds at least 4 bugs.

Cancelling should cancel closing so I have the chance to save my changes.

This problem arises if, from within the debugging window, I start an

SQL Editor to Test Routine Results (uses same transaction)

(this is the tooltip text).

Part of the problem is that this MDI window does not show up in the main menu Windows entry (which would be very preferrable IMHO), bug #1. If I use the Windows menu for changing between MDI windows (which I always do, having them always maximised), I must enter more than needed to get back to that SQL Editor. Even if it was visible before, selecting the debugger window shows the debugger window and not its SQL editor.

If the SQL Editor holds unsaved code, closing the debugger asks

SQL has been modified - do you want to save?

which is a usability bug because the dialog does not tell me WHICH SQL editor this is about. Especially when I said Windows/Close all. Bug 0000002

Look at the attached screen shot.

If I say Cancel here, the debugger and its SQL Editor are closed anyway, unexpectedly throwing away my changes. Bug 0000003

If I use the mouse to move the Close Dialog around, I get

Integer overflow - bug 0000004

If I repeat that, I get

  Access violation at address 50009E9C in module 'rtl120.bpl'. Read of address FFFFFFF7 - maybe a separate bug, let's call it bug #4a

If now I press the window close button I also get that Integer overflow
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Wolfgang Rohdewald

2015-01-30 00:38


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