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0001144Database Workbench v5Firebird Modulepublic2015-01-19 11:37
ReporterWolfgang Rohdewald Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
PlatformI86 32, VirtualboxOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7 Pro
Product Version5.0.6 
Summary0001144: refresh list of tables or list of table columns does not see newly added or removed fields
Descriptionmake dbw connect to a data base, show a table editor

use an external tool to add or remove fields to/from the table shown

right mouse click on the list of tables or on the list of columns: the field list does not change, neither in the left hand navigator nor in the table editor.

using firebird 2.1
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Martijn Tonies

2015-01-19 09:30

administrator   ~0000333

Unless you use "fresh from database", in the toolbar of the Navigator, changes won't be seen. This is "as designed".

Wolfgang Rohdewald

2015-01-19 11:34

reporter   ~0000338

But then what does "refresh list" in the context menus for tables and for fields do? I cannot find that in the online help.

Adding a field to a table in the table editor directly updates the field list in the navigator, so that cannot be it.

Martijn Tonies

2015-01-19 11:37

administrator   ~0000339

The "refresh list" - currently - is only when tables/procedures/etc are either added or dropped (completely, not a "child object" like a column).

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