0000989: [Team Server] Ability to start DBW Enterprise without connecting to Team Server (Martijn Tonies)
0001320: [General] Add context menus to Backup/Restore projects in enterprise manager (Martijn Tonies)
0001543: [Oracle Module] Check for debugging privileges before starting debugger and returning errors once started (Martijn Tonies)
0002026: [General] "Cursor not found" during debugging stored routines (Martijn Tonies)
0001844: [InterBase Module] Support for InterBase 2020 specific features (Martijn Tonies)
0001900: [Oracle Module] Latest Oracle version support (Martijn Tonies)
0001935: [MySQL Module] Support latest MariaDB versions up to 10.8 (Martijn Tonies)
0002021: [InterBase Module] Not all object descriptions are extracted in a normal DDL extract (Martijn Tonies)
0002022: [General] Minor modifications (Martijn Tonies)
0002023: [InterBase Module] Support for "change view subscriptions" (Martijn Tonies)
0002024: [Firebird Module] Support for UDRs (Martijn Tonies)
0002025: [Firebird Module] Trigger descriptions not extracted in DDL script (Martijn Tonies)
0002027: [ADO/ODBC Explorer] Cannot connect to ADO/ODBC due to missing file during installation (Martijn Tonies)
0002028: [InterBase Module] All generators have '0' as their value (Martijn Tonies)
0002031: [MySQL Module] Freeze while refreshing after Alter Table (Martijn Tonies)
0002033: [Oracle Module] Not all options in the connection template "Connect As" were properly used (Martijn Tonies)
0002034: [Oracle Module] Support IDENTITY columns (Oracle 12 and up) (Martijn Tonies)
0002035: [PostgreSQL Module] Support IDENTITY columns (PostgreSQL 10 and up) (Martijn Tonies)
0002036: [PostgreSQL Module] Using "Duplicate Table" doesn't always duplicate columns (Martijn Tonies)
0002037: [General] Possible "class TfrxDataPage not found" error (Martijn Tonies)
0002039: [Firebird Module] Trigger debugger error with specific clause using pseudo variables (Martijn Tonies)
0002042: [Firebird Module] Error loading trigger source when fetching dependencies first (Martijn Tonies)
0002043: [InterBase Module] Error loading trigger source when fetching dependencies first (Martijn Tonies)
0002044: [General] Duplicating stored procedure/function applies object template text (Martijn Tonies)
0002045: [Oracle Module] Debugger doesn't work (Martijn Tonies)
0002046: [General] Re-issueing a query with different parameter values but without unpreparing, returns no results (Martijn Tonies)
0002048: [Firebird Module] Always autocommits in Script (Martijn Tonies)
0002049: [InterBase Module] Always autocommits in Script (Martijn Tonies)
0002050: [Microsoft SQL Server Module] Using Server Activity windows fail with access violation (Martijn Tonies)
0002051: [Microsoft SQL Server Module] Using Extract Metadata Wizard on Tables node fails extracting (Martijn Tonies)
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