0001800: [PostgreSQL Module] GRANT Scripts for Postgres are not generated correctly if there are quoted identifiers (Martijn Tonies)
0001804: [General] Server Output: spool to file shouldn't read lock file (Martijn Tonies)
0001806: [Firebird Module] Parameter grid in Stored Procedure/Function Editors should include 'not null' checkbox for Firebird 2.1 and up (Martijn Tonies)
0001807: [PostgreSQL Module] Installed Stored Procedure object template has a syntax error (Martijn Tonies)
0001809: [General] Debugger: SQL error during specific expression evaluation for Firebird/MySQL/InterBase (Martijn Tonies)
0001814: [General] Doubleclicking the SQL Editor/Script Editor toolbar button to open up the editor results in freeze (Martijn Tonies)
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