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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000170021 [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
majorassigned (Martijn Tonies)2019-09-16Problem with debugging Firebird 3 stored procedure with fetching exception SQLSTATE into variable
  0001708    [Hopper]
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2019-09-11Specific issue with exception handlers that don't catch exception
  0001706    [Hopper]
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2019-09-11Catching GDS codes in stored routine debugger fails, text-GDS codes not accepted in parser
  0001705    [Hopper]
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2019-09-11Catching GDS codes in stored routine debugger fails, text-GDS codes not accepted in parser
  0001707    [Hopper]
minornew2019-09-11Firebird 3 SQLSTATE in WHEN clause fails to compile
  0001697    [Database Workbench v5]
tweaknew2019-08-08(Optionally) Always show table/view before index/constraint/trigger and sort accordingly
  0001692    [Database Workbench v5]
MySQL Module
minoracknowledged (Martijn Tonies)2019-05-28Syntax Check Anomolies
  0001689    [Database Workbench v5]
trivialnew2019-05-10Problems with the SQL editor in Word Wrap mode
  0001685    [IB LogManager]
crashnew2019-04-17IBLMPump SQL error code = -204
  00016831   [Database Workbench v5]
trivialnew2019-03-14Select table combo in table editor disappearing
  0001680    [Hopper]
minornew2019-03-08Using 'type of (domainname)' in variable declaration fails
  0001673    [Database Workbench v5]
minornew2019-02-27Some popup menus don't scale properly when large toolbar images are forced
  0001667    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2019-01-17Ability to add script sections to physical diagram, reverse engineering should include 'collect script' option for sequences etc
  0001666    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2019-01-17In physical diagrams, ability to view tables by pk-and-fk-columns and ability to set this per object
  000165921 [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
minorassigned (Martijn Tonies)2019-01-10Incorrect connections count in Server Connection window
  0001664    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2019-01-09New Table/entity sub-model features
  0001663    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2019-01-09Default colors for tables/entities in Diagram Settings and/or application Preferences
  0001662    [Database Workbench v5]
tweaknew2019-01-09Small diagram improvements
  0001661    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2019-01-09Ability to modify object rectangles and display scrollbar
  0001656    [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
minornew2018-12-19Date conversion error in Table Filter
  0001655 1 [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
majornew2018-12-19Exception debugging a Firebird 2.5.8 Trigger
  0001653    [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
minornew2018-11-15Error while parsing plan: TPlanParser.ParsePlanItem: Unrecognized PLAN syntax
  0000302    [Advanced Data Generator]
MySQL Edition
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-10-16TINYINT(1) not recognized including length specifier: should be 'boolean'
  0000301    [Advanced Data Generator]
MySQL Edition
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-10-16TIMESTAMP datatype not recognized as "fill enabled"
  0001645    [Database Workbench v5]
featureacknowledged2018-10-05Ability to group databases into labelled groups instead of folders
  0001607    [Database Workbench v5]
Data Import & Export
featureacknowledged2018-09-24Provide UPDATE in import from CSV instead just INSERT
  0001641    [Database Workbench v5]
MySQL Module
featureacknowledged2018-09-17Output window also in the script editor not only for single SQLs?
  0001640    [Database Workbench v5]
MySQL Module
featurenew2018-09-17Finding indices that are identical to or subsets of other indices
  0001635    [Hopper]
minorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-08-24Issue with non-English number settings
  0001632    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2018-08-13Ability to edit values for multiple parameters and variables while debugging procedure, same dialog as when starting debugger
  0001631    [Database Workbench v5]
InterBase Module
featurenew2018-07-31Collect statistics for executing a stored procedure
  0001630    [Database Workbench v5]
Firebird Module
featurenew2018-07-31Collect statistics for executing a stored procedure
  00000881   [Advanced Data Generator]
featureresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-31Ability to use lookup/master table values in the macro value generator
  0001629    [Advanced Data Generator]
majorresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-26Grabbing a NULL from a 'master item' fails and defaults to data type dependent nil value instead
  0000086    [Advanced Data Generator]
featureresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-20Ability to use lookup/master table values as input for stored procedure parameters
  0001628    [Advanced Data Generator]
Pro Edition
featureassigned (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-20Support Stored Procedures in all ADO and ODBC connections
  00002031   [Advanced Data Generator]
featureresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-20Ability to run multiple projects in a specified order and save these configurations
  0001625 1 [Database Workbench v5]
minornew2018-07-06Default collation drop-down is empty
  0001624    [Advanced Data Generator]
tweakresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-05Remove required closing ';' from #S and #R command if no formatting available
  0001608    [Advanced Data Generator]
tweakresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-05Ability to repeat random char/digit/hex digit
  0000555    [Advanced Data Generator]
featureresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-04New macro: "take one random from given group"
  0000554    [Advanced Data Generator]
featureresolved (Martijn Tonies)2018-07-04Ability to use one (random) of multiple macros instead of a single macro
  0001623    [Database Workbench v5]
minornew2018-06-29Use semi-colon command terminator for trigger DDL
  0001622    [Database Workbench v5]
featureacknowledged (Martijn Tonies)2018-06-29Support CHECK constraints for MariaDB 10.2.1 onwards
  00015407   [Database Workbench v5]
minorfeedback (Martijn Tonies)2018-06-29Please check position of main form on startup (multi monitor support)
  0001620    [Database Workbench v5]
minornew2018-06-27Check Model should report FK data type discrepancies
  0001613    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2018-06-20Ability to generate schema update DDL script
  0001611    [Database Workbench v5]
featurenew2018-06-12Optional setting to use CREATE OR REPLACE is generated DDL
  0001610    [Database Workbench v5]
Meta Data Compare & Migration
featurenew2018-06-11Command line version to execute compare profiles and reporting
  0001609    [Database Workbench v5]
Meta Data Compare & Migration
featurenew2018-06-11Ability to print/save Database Compare results