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0000852Database Workbench v6Meta Data Compare & Migrationpublic2020-09-09 14:05
ReporterMartin Kerkhoff Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformDesktop win64OSwindows 7OS Version7 64bit
Product Version4.4.5 
Summary0000852: error when syncing nesteted procs
DescriptionWhen sysncing 2 firebird Databases which contains stored procs the following problem/ bug exists:
in the source database stored Proc DOSOMETHING1 uses a stored proc DOSOMETHING2. in the sync Script the creation of DOSOMETHING2 appears after the creation of DOSOMETHING1 which result in an error "procedure DOSOMETHING2 unknown". in this case the creation order of procedures is sigificant for working correct in running the sync script.
Steps To Reproduceceate Proc 2
create proc1 wich uses proc2
try to sync
-> voila!
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