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0000486Database Workbench v6SQL & Parameter Insightpublic2022-08-04 13:25
ReporterDoychin Bondzhev Assigned To 
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Summary0000486: SQL Insight does not recognize sub-selects as left operand in expressions
DescriptionI discovered one more problem with SQL insight last night

it does not work for this case:

select *
from some_table
where (select count(*) from other_table) <> 0

It fails to list table names in the sub-select. Also it does not work for
expressions that will follow the sub-select but it works for expressions before that sub-select.
Steps To ReproduceOpen some database. In my case I use Firebird 2.1

Open Singl SQL Editor

and write some select that will look like the one in the description

Try to invoke SQL Insight in the sub-select. Also try to invoke it after the sub-select. It will fail both times. It will only work before that sub-select
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