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0000246Database Workbench v6Firebird Modulepublic2022-01-12 13:18
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Summary0000246: Support for page buffers and no garbage collection DPB options
DescriptionThere are two interesting database parameter blocks in the Firebird client api available, which would be useful to have it supported by DBW:

1) Temporary cache buffer: While there is a page buffers value stored on
the header page of a Firebird database, which defines RAM usage for the
page cache, the Firebird client API allows to specifiy a temporary page
buffers value at connect time, temporarily overriding the persistent
page buffers value for this particular connection/session. I'm using
that sometimes with Ivan's "fsql" command-line utility and find that
handy, if I could use DBW in this scenarios as well.

The DPB is called: isc_dpb_num_buffers

2) Omit garbage collection: Another database connection level API option
is to omit garbage collection. Especially useful for Classic and
SuperClassic server, where the cooperative GC can slow down statements,
as they are directly responsible for removing garbage. I would find it
useful if I can run statements in particular scenarios without GC
involved, especially during development to measure pure execution time
without GC etc.

The DPB is called: isc_dpb_no_garbage_collect

If you add support for that in DBW, I guess it would make sense in the
database registration dialog and in the Connect As dialog.

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