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0001685IB LogManagerIBLMPumppublic2019-04-17 18:14
ReporterPlutarco Gonzalez Assigned To 
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Product Version2.12.5 
Summary0001685: IBLMPump SQL error code = -204
DescriptionRemote database was created using sql script from IBLogManager application, we have tested coneccion using IBExpert and everything seems fine.

We are runnign IBLPump in source machine using:
IBLMPump -i iblmpump.ini -v iblmpump.log -s

and we got the following error in DOS console:
Exception EIB_ISCError in module IBLMPump.exe at 00100C5C.
ISC ERROR CODE:335544569

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -204
Implementation limit exceeded
block size exceeds implementation restriction
Steps To ReproduceSource database
Windows 10 / Firebird v2.5
IBLogManager Installed and working properly

We have tested with 2 different remote databases once time
Ubuntu 16.04
Firebird v2.5

Windows 7 PRO
Firebird v2.5
Additional InformationWe have checked iblmpump.log but we couldn’t fing anything about this error.

======= iblmpump.log
IBLMPump V2.12.5.45 - IBLM Log Data Pump Utility
Registered to: Grupo Aduanal Galvan SC
-1 User License-
© 2004-2013 by Upscene Productions
All rights reserved.
08/04/2019 11:41:34 a.m.: Read 'C:\Users\dbsp\Downloads\IBLMPump\iblmpump_gag.ini' ...
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