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0001480Database Workbench v6Data Import & Exportpublic2021-06-08 14:06
ReporterDoug Chamberlin Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
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Product Version5.2.6 
Summary0001480: Make import from CSV text file easier
DescriptionThis request is to add the ability for DBWB to import a CSV file by only selecting the file. It assumes the file contains field names in first row. The resulting table will have a name based on the file name being imported and all fields will be varchar. (Or, if DBWB wants to analyze the data it can set more appropriate field types.) NULL values are always allowed in all fields to avoid errors if a row has missing data. No primary key is defined - that can come later.

The idea is to get the data into the RDBMS as easily as possible without a lot of work by the user.

Current export operation is almost as easy as needed. Employing a stored set of configuration choices, and only asking the user for the name of the stored set, would be a big plus in making this operation even easier than it already is.
Additional InformationDBWB covers the traditional database circumstances very well. However, a new scenario has emerged as prevalent - ad hoc data processing. This is characterized by fast, efficient movement of data between systems for one-time analysis. Usually CSV text files are employed and extremely efficient operations are critical, sometimes at the expense of "proper" data handling. For example, importing a table into all varchar fields is preferred over accurately defined field types if the operation can be done automatically.

This request enables DBWB to service this new type of DB usage.
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