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0001208Database Workbench v5Firebird Modulepublic2015-04-08 10:04
ReporterMichał Ziemski Assigned ToMartijn Tonies  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version5.0.10 
Summary0001208: Editing records in the results pane unreliable
DescriptionSometimes the changes made in place in the results pane are not saved.

If there are not enough data to performe the update (no RDB$DB_KEY or primary/unique key in results) the editing should be disabled
If the update fails (row_count in update <> 1) there should be a warning
If there are updates not yet send when commiting a transactions a warning sould be issued.

"Post edited data" should have its own keyboard shortcut.
Right now one has to mouse-navigate to this tiny icon to get data sent.

Right now updates tend to fail silently severely breaking the flow of work.
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