0001089: [General] Using a filter on the Data tab in the Table or View Editor might result in an access violation (Martijn Tonies)
0000603: [General] Access violation on using ctrl+c in Procedure Editor after certain sequence of events (Martijn Tonies)
0001056: [Firebird Module] Using "refresh list" on Packages (Firebird 3) results in an error (Martijn Tonies)
0000479: [General] Preparing SQL statement with BLOB result column takes extra time (Martijn Tonies)
0001035: [General] Many toolbars can be "customized" and made invisible without a way to restore visibility (Martijn Tonies)
0000991: [General] Ability to close windows in the Open Window List (Martijn Tonies)
0001031: [Wine on Linux/MacOSX] Main window can hang with registered version and no registered servers, with tip of the day dialog (Martijn Tonies)
0001037: [General] Assertion error during application shut down after certain sequence of events (Martijn Tonies)
0001041: [General] Copying a database registration causes an access violation during save (Martijn Tonies)
0001043: [General] Enhancement "Filter box" to allow filtering for multiple objects (Martijn Tonies)
0001055: [Firebird Module] Saving a package in the Editor in Firebird 3 doesn't add the new package to the list (Martijn Tonies)
0001045: [Data Import & Export] In Oracle, system column ROWID should not be exported when exporting result set (Martijn Tonies)
0001049: [Data Import & Export] Export on ODBC connections could have several different errors, depending on situation and driver (Martijn Tonies)
0001052: [Firebird Module] Object Template for Firebird 3 package is faulty (Martijn Tonies)
0001053: [MySQL Module] Ability to cancel SQL statements (Martijn Tonies)
0001054: [General] Using ctrl+mouse-click on object name might cause assertion error (Martijn Tonies)
0001060: [General] Turning OFF the "taskbar" result in an access violation at application start up (Martijn Tonies)
0001061: [Firebird Module] Procedure in use and cannot be modified after executing it, even though committing transaction on Firebird Classic (Martijn Tonies)
0001062: [General] Foreign key naming doesn't accept non-template input (Martijn Tonies)
0001064: [Firebird Module] Firebird 3 stored function with no input parameters cannot be executed in Function Editor (Martijn Tonies)
0001067: [Firebird Module] Database Trigger Editor always creates triggers "on connect" event (Martijn Tonies)
0001070: [General] Grid columns in Backup/Restore Project windows for Firebird and InterBase aren't scaled (Martijn Tonies)
0001071: [Firebird Module] Support for Firebird 3 DDL-event database triggers (Martijn Tonies)
0001077: [Microsoft SQL Server Module] SQL statements in SQL Editor are prepared/execute twice because of query plan (Martijn Tonies)
0001078: [Firebird Module] Firebird 3 package functions & procedures with same name in single package would cause error (Martijn Tonies)
0001084: [General] Some issues with highlighting/current line etc (Martijn Tonies)
0001085: [General] Button in blob fields on Data tab of Table/View Editor does't do anything (Martijn Tonies)
0001030: [General] Small user interface issues (Martijn Tonies)
0001086: [ADO/ODBC Explorer] Fetching tables & views could hang in ODBC (Martijn Tonies)
0001087: [Data Import & Export] Using "create insert from ODBC" without sessions open results in Access Violation (Martijn Tonies)
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