0000029: [General] Make trace-session based options (log to database, commit interval ...) available per project (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000032: [General] Project-based regex filter defaults (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000033: [General] FBTM database metadata update sometimes fails (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000034: [General] Option to jump to the Browse module for a particular selected project in the project list (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000035: [FBTMLoggerSvc] Windows Service based logger application (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000036: [General] Administration of Windows service based logger (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000039: [General] Memory leak in trace data parser (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000040: [General] Optimize memory usage in trace data parser (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000050: [General] Minor memory leaks (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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