Released 2011-06-10
0000041: [ADS LogManager] Support for Advantage Database Server V10.10 (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000042: [ADS LogManager] Support for Unicode in logging metadata, logging data and the graphical user interface (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000043: [ADS LogManager] Exclude various system groups from prepae/unprepare wizard (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000044: [ADS LogManager] Exception when ordering by BLOB/MEMO field in column log data grid (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000045: [ADS LogManager] Configuration file storage and Windows Vista/7 UAC problem (Thomas Steinmaurer)
0000046: [ADS LogManager] Unprepare sometimes fails with an "Can't open table/index error..." ADS exception (Thomas Steinmaurer)
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